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The Diary of Katherine Isobel
Haha, I'm overrated, I put a journal subject.
Third post in less than twenty four hours. I had a lot I wanted to say in this, but I forgot all of it after I passed out at like four in the morning. Midland High football game tonight <3<3 My crush's gonna be there, eek! I remember last time I saw him, Lauren and I couldn't stop laughing, I felt kinda bad for him because he probably didn't know why we were laughing.
I might go shopping Saturday, did I already mention that? If I did, whatever. I'm so excited. Gonna break out the new TAI shirt today. I kept telling people it had blue and green and then I looked at it and it had blackish/gray and red and I'm just like 'oh'. Lol at me.
Fastest way to feel like a stalker: read people's journals who you don't know. Since I didn't feel like/couldn't fall asleep last night I read people's journal's who I don't even know/haven't even talked to. Now I am envious of even more people.

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Journal subjects are overrated.
Someone once told me that a song can hold a lot of memories. They weren't joking. I've uploaded like 43032059 CDs since like an hour and a half ago (more like twenty). All mix CDs from forever ago. Some songs made me want to fucking cry. I miss Josie, Kaylee, Allison, and so many other people, even Meg; everyone I used to be friends with. I miss Ariel more than you can imagine. Ever not talked to one of your best friends for an entire summer? It's hell. Ever had a best friend who's mom is so anal slash strict slash insane that you haven't talked to/seen since school got out and will probably never see again? It's even worse. I'll be at the academy instead of public this year and she's moving next year.

I love anyone who I still have left.

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I went to the mall today. Not for school clothes, unfortunately (my uniforms are horrid in case you were wondering). But I did get a The Academy Is... shirt. It's white with blue and green and I'm absolutely in love with it. The cell's broke so I'll text a picture later. I'm downloading even more Blink-182 so I'm in a good mood.

Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: Hey Brittany! - Forever The Sickest Kids

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